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In over 37 galleries around the world, LUMAS offers museum-quality art editions.

More than 3,000 works by 250 established artists and promising newcomers deliver a comprehensive look into the world of contemporary art and design. The works are available as hand-signed limited editions, usually of 75-150.


The founders of LUMAS, Stefanie Harig and Marc Alexander Ullrich, are enthusiastic art collectors. With LUMAS, these experienced entrepreneurs turned that passion into a profession. Their goal was to make high-quality art affordable for a wider audience of art enthusiasts including new collectors. With an innovative interior design concept, The Collector’s Home, visitors have the feeling of being in an art collector’s home rather than an impersonal gallery. Today, this concept is in effect online and in galleries around the world, with locations in Berlin, New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv to name a few.


The LUMAS team, a panel of highly- qualified art experts, has assembled a diverse portfolio of contemporary art, which is continually being updated and expanded. By maintaining a close and ongoing working relationship with its artists and outstanding production partners, LUMAS enjoys a unique position in its field. Not only does LUMAS produce limited editions, it is also a widely respected art dealer. By doing everything in-house – from curation to expert production by the in-house laboratory WhiteWall – LUMAS is able to maintain the highest artistic standards, offer exclusive art, and provide helpful advice.